Thursday, February 6th, 2020

New Membership Upgrade Process

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Your support of the land trust through your donation is much appreciated. Not only do members get advance reservations benefits and an invitation to the annual Member Appreciation Weekend, your donation supports the efforts OLT makes to preserve and restore natural and biological resources. For-profit hot springs often become crowded as there is little effort made to limit attendance to a reasonable capacity. OLT has limits on how many people attend each day to maintain a relaxed and uncrowded environment. OLT also engages in conservation projects to protect wildlife habitat, open space, soil restoration, and practice small-scale, historic agriculture. Your membership donations are a valuable contribution to this work.

Implementing a new reservation system has given us the opportunity to simplify how members upgrade to a higher-level membership. The method we've been using has been a little confusing and awkward. Now, instead of "stacking" donations with different expiration dates, we are going to pro-rate recent donations, giving you a credit toward an upgrade. For example, if you donate $50.00 on January 1, you become a member at the Friend level for one year. If six months later on July 1, you want to upgrade to the next level, that of Supporter, your $50.00 original donation will give you half a year's credit of $25.00 toward your Supporter membership. Your new membership simply expires July 1 of the next year.

We expect you to have questions and we will be glad to explain how the new system will work in your individual circumstance. The new structure will be more fair to the members and less confusing about when a membership expires.

Thank you for your support!

Here's another example upgrading after 2½ months...




New pro-rated membership credit method

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