Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Pond Etiquette

1970s Sharing the Main Pond 1970s Sharing the Main Pond Teresa Seitz

There are many people that enjoy a beverage as they soak. Sometimes, those beverages contain alcohol. There are also people that object to alcoholic beverages at the pool. We've all seen someone get a little laissez faire about their behavior when consuming alcohol. We've also all seen people consuming alcohol become belligerent and argumentative. No one enjoys these behaviors, not even the person who is sloppy or defensive. It is difficult to ask someone who is in their cups to lower their voice, act less rambunctious, or be considerate. Usually, due to the nature of intoxication, such requests only escalate an already uncomfortable situation.

We've been asked to ban alcohol in the pools. As the years go by the tolerance for inebriated behaviors has diminished. While we can certainly understand the suggestion (we don't like it either) to make a rule runs counter to the larger goals. We have not embraced long lists of rules. We have a few guidelines that make the place enjoyable for everybody. Things like: keep the noise level down after 10:00 PM, keep dogs leashed, smoke only at the Smoke Hut or in your vehicle, avoid cell phone conversations when you are in company, respect other people's boundaries are all common sense and contribute to an atmosphere that feels good. Most people are respectful and responsible and we haven't had to become policemen. Thank You! Your thoughtfulness and care for one another are recognized and appreciated.

As is true for many things, be aware. Be alert to the people with whom you are sharing this space. If your actions are offensive, no one has a good time. There are better places for boisterous partying fueled by excessive alcohol consumption.

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