Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Eiseman Scholarship Intern Program Summer 2017

This Intern program is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Mary and Ben Eiseman Education Fund at Orient Land Trust. The Eiseman family states, "For the interns, there is a financial reward for their efforts. They will also have the opportunity to learn the values of character that come from labor within a team environment. These should include how to be on time, how to work with a boss, how to follow instructions and directions, and the innumerable skills required of adulthood. But equally importantly, our family cannot think a better way to engender love and respect for the natural beauty that daily surrounds each of these students than by working in the San Luis Valley to keep trails navigable, species diversity robust, and waterways healthy."
This year there are two interns for the Everson Ranch both from Crestone CO.

Rosalea Anderson, who will be attending Colorado School of Mines in the fall, describes her reason for wanting the experience as "the thought of getting this job is so exciting because I'd love to do something productive this summer and be outside. All the money I earn will go toward paying for my college tuition. I really admire the values behind the Orient Land Trust Intern program. Through working with OLT I hope I can learn a lot to help prepare me for college. Particularly responsibility resilience and how to make friends while working together. I'd say that personal growth would be equally if not more valuable than earnings."

Marlon Jacobi, student at CU Boulder, states "I have a lot on my plate for my college experience, and I will need enough funding to get it all done in time. I want to work for every dollar I spend for my education this summer, because I need to progressively become more and more independent as I take these huge strides. College is by no means cheap, but is by all means necessary if I want to get the proper training for my passion. I want to apply my past work ethic to somewhere outside where I can really use my hands and help out on a ranch."

We have Sharea Jones, from Moffat, CO,, as an intern Discovery Host for the OLT Welcome Center.

Sharea is an upcoming junior at Mountain Valley High School and explains, "I would like to start working and getting money, mostly for clothes but also to set some aside for future plans. I would also like to just be able to do something fun with my own money. After I graduate high school I plan on going to college to be a pediatrician."

We wish these students the greatest fortune and depth of experience this summer and extend our gratitude for all of the help we expect from them!

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